Image: Sensory Seas by DAVID UZOCHUKWU for Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen Haute Couture Spring/Summer’20: Sensory Seas

They say we have not explored most of the oceans, but it seems that Iris van Herpen has done just that. For this season, the Dutch designer studied the sensory depths and, apparently, the world of the deep seas.

These days it is natural to expect an ever-so-intricate collection from Iris van Herpen. By now, she has mastered the art of pattern making, 3D printing, laser cutting and the ability to evoke any shape and texture she pleases. With this collection, she dives into the dark and the unknown at the beginning of the show, slowly progressing into the world of colour. Each look resembles the rarely-seen deep-seas organisms who communicate through electric pulses, creating waves of blue, yellow, red and purple.

Dresses are light and move in a slow-motion dance as the models walk the runway. Beige blends beautifully with turquoise and purple; while a single off-white piece makes a clean cut to refresh the palette. This collection is yet another proof why Iris van Herpen is one of the extremely-relevant designers at the start of the century.