Camellia featured

The Spell of Camellia

Have you ever wondered why there is a white camellia on CHANEL packaging? Whether it is a box for a pair of shoes, or a simple paper bag, there is a high chance that there will be a white camellia flower on the side. The answer is very simple, this is Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower and one of her symbols. She greatly appreciated the simplicity and the purity of this flower.

Gabrielle became fascinated by camellia early on in her life; however, she especially began to love this flower after receiving a bouquet from her lover and muse, Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel – an English ship-owner, tycoon and polo player. The beauty of camellia is comparable to a rose, but it has neither smell nor thorns. It has the inimitable grace of even petals, which form an ideal circle. Gabrielle very often wore white buds on dark jackets – something only men would do at the time. Her Parisian apartment on 31 Rue Cambon was frequently decorated with bouquets of the flower.

1 Camélia. 5 Allures

Fast-forward to 2019, and CHANEL presents its High Jewellery collection “1.5. 1 Camélia. 5 Allures ”: 50 jewellery marvels, 23 of which can be disassembled in a multitude of ways. This collection is all about being versatile and multifaceted. After all, Gabrielle Chanel did once say, “My jewels are flexible and detachable. You can take apart the jewellery and use it to match a hat or fur. In this way, the set of jewellery is no longer an immutable object. Life transforms it and bends it to its needs.”

Diamonds, pink sapphires, rubies, gold Beige – the collection is imbued with diversity, but at the same time adheres to certain colours. In nature, camellia can be found in shades from white to pink and red. CHANEL High Jewellery collection respects this order and remains within these colour brackets. It is a fascinating translation of Gabrielle’s essence as the founder of CHANEL and her never-ending passion for jewels.