Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar
© Tissot

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar: a connected watch, not a gadget

The latest generation of T-Touch Connect Solar is packed with Tissot’s characteristic watchmaking expertise in all its forms: this Swiss-Made timepiece is connected, securely private, interactive, autonomous, contemporary and long-lasting.


Tissot makes a point that the The T-Touch Connect Solar is first and foremost a watch. Not a gadget, not a device, and not a wrist-worn mini-tablet. Its 47-mm titanium case with a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel is ergonomic and displays Tissot’s characteristic attention to detail. Those details include satin-finished surfaces, softened corners, an engraved ceramic bezel, and even a brand new titanium bracelet with links that bear the stamp of a sharp, modern design. In addition, it is water-resistant to 100 metres. 

It is being launched in several versions with rubber straps or titanium bracelets, and a case in satin-finished titanium, black PVD or rose gold PVD. And these hardwearing materials mean that this watch, unlike the more disposable smartwatches, is naturally protected from obsolescence, especially the built-in obsolescence of electronic products.


The T-Touch Connect Solar has the basic functions of a T-Touch Solar Expert, such as a perpetual calendar, countdown, various timekeeping functions and alarms, and meteo and altimeter functions. To these it adds an activity tracker and the opportunities afforded by interaction between the SwALPS operating system, developed specifically for this project, and a smartphone with app notifications and updates. And like every T-Touch, it is controlled via its tactile sapphire crystal.

Finally, the T-Touch Connect Solar is a Swiss-Made connected watch. This certification of component origin and workmanship is a guarantee of manufacturing quality and of security. No provider can access data via a component or the operating system. And neither the watch nor its app send data to a third party.

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