Victoria/Tomas Autumn/Winter’19

Seeing the Parisian women walking down the streets, Victoria and Tomas were inspired by them as many others who have ever visited or lived in the French city. There is something about their seemingly easy view of life and overall effortlessness. These women seem to be doing everything; they go to work, take a stroll around the streets and flower shops in their striped office shirts; or they go to a small vintage store to find a military jacket to pair with some jeans.

The autumn/winter’19 collection is, in essence, a transformation of the urban Parisian codes with a multitude of contrasts and additional layering – an image some Parisian women would and wouldn’t necessarily agree with.  Designers deconstructed the basics and rebuilt silhouettes. The classic suits are in juxtaposition with the check shirts and asymmetrical skirts. The poplin striped shirts transformed into chevron-like patterns, which, as a result, gave more of a cozy feel. Earrings and necklaces are handmade and remind of the round straw mirrors, plenty of which one can find in the markets. 

Overall, this collection is very Paris as much as it isn’t; and that would be the correct way to embody the city. After all, there is no single look or feel for the French capital. Victoria and Tomas brought out their own version of Paris and it only adds to the never-ending diversity of the city’s fashion landscape.