Anton and Sinan | © Anton RODIONOV


France is more than just La Tour Eiffel or Le Louvre and Anton and Sinan are here to share weekly adventures across this magnificent country.

This year has been full of unexpected events that changed lives of many. We’ve all been under some type of confinement this year and some of us still are. This August, on our way to Nice, we both had a feeling of rediscovered appreciation of travel. It’s as if we were on a plane for the first time again. That is when we decided to start “Anton and Sinan” – a YouTube channel that takes you on a short trip every Sunday.

Discovering France

Indeed we have travelled to many countries in the past and we are generally crazy about travel. However, we feel that there is so much that goes undiscovered in our home country – France. Be it a small medieval village or a town that’s over a thousand years old – we would like to share their beauty with the whole world.

New episode every Sunday

We publish a new episode every Sunday. We are not professional filmmakers (yet), but we are learning very quickly!

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And now, here is the first episode! #AntonandSinan