Village of Èze | © Anton RODIONOV

Anton and Sinan: hike up to Medieval village of Èze

Côte d’Azur is normally associated with luxury and leisure; one goes there to lounge by the sea or stroll around the charming narrow and colourful streets. Well, in our fourth episode, we take a different approach to holidaying on the French Riviera and take you on a hike up a mountain to the Medieval village of Èze.

The village of Èze is perched on top of a mountain near Monaco, overlooking the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. It hosts a beautiful botanical garden, a hotel and a lot of restaurants, cafes as well as art galleries.

If you look for an adventure, we recommend you to hike up the path that the great philosopher Nietzsche took daily to go down to the sea. It is only accessible by foot and takes about one and a half hours to go up, and less time to go down.

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