Monaco | © Anton RODIONOV

Anton and Sinan: from Monaco to Menton

In the second episode we check out one of the richest countries in the world – Monaco, and spend the evening on one of the most beautiful beaches of Côte d’Azur.

Everybody wants to be in Monaco. It is a city that defines luxury and is envied as well as copied by many. Due to its tiny size (only 2.1 km2), however, Monaco at times feels overwhelming. The old town is far more interesting to explore; with its narrow streets and nearly-perfect short buildings – this is the part of Monaco where one would learn about the Principality and its history.

Right across the old town lays the modern metropolis that is Monte-Carlo. This is where you will typically see every tourist you could think of, staring in awe at the Casino Monte-Carlo and Hotel de Paris. Interestingly, Monaco manages to feel calm, quiet (except for the cars) and unbothered. At times we’ve asked ourselves, “Where is everybody?” as many streets felt empty.


Our second destination that day was a little border town called Menton. We’ve read that it was one of the most beautiful towns of Côte d’Azur and we simply could not leave without visiting it. Let us tell you, we were not disappointed. Menton is charming, chilled out, unique and has one of the best beaches in the area with unbeatable views. Words cannot describe its beauty, so go ahead and watch our second YouTube episode, also, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! And in case you haven’t seen the first episode yet, click here.