CHANEL cruise 19

Chanel Goes on a Cruise in Paris

For its Cruise 2018/19 collection, Chanel constructed an actual life-sized liner inside Paris Grand Palais.

Chanel is known to have défilés that are bigger than ever. From a rocket, or a replica of the Eiffel Tower, to a cascade of waterfalls – you never know what to expect. This time was no different as Karl Lagerfeld had a life-sized liner constructed specifically for the brand’s show. We must note, the liner looked a bit like ‘Titanic,’ which added a touch of retro-chic to the whole evening. The ship was named after Gabrielle Chanel’s summer villa ‘La Pausa’ that she built in the south of France back in the Thirties.

The collection featured bags with almost every look, as well as the signature Chanel tweed, a lot of white and blue navy stripes and, surprisingly enough, white tights. The latter are a particularly interesting move by Chanel considering they have been forgotten for a while. 

In general, Chanel Cruise collections have been paying tributes to the world destinations like Cuba and Greece. However, as of late, Karl Lagerfeld seems to be focusing more on home. From the latest French garden Couture set to the last year’s recreation of Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower. The essence of today’s Chanel is France and it cannot be missed. 

Furthermore, the show was followed by a glamorous party on the ‘La Pausa’; there the guests explored the ship’s piano bar and a nightclub.

Overall, Karl Lagerfeld has, yet again, shown his other-worldly ability to create and deliver a show that will not be matched by any other. This is how Chanel does it and nobody should expect any less than perfect from the brand. Now, where can we book the tickets for that liner? 

Photos: courtesy of Chanel.