Frank Sorbier SS19 HC
Image via Franck Sorbier

Franck Sorbier Brings Japan to Paris for Haute Couture

Obi – a cloth belt that is used to cover more often than a kimono. This Japanese clothing inspired Frank Sorbier for the Haute Couture SS 2019 season.

Instead of a traditional show, the couturier presented his collection in a theatre. The dancers served as models on a grey, winter morning in Paris. For the summer of 2019, obi is used everywhere. You will see it in a skirt, bustier, dress, jacket, sometimes covered with a veil organza, other times – visible or red. Organza appears in colours of either black or light honey.

« Black is to uncover the mystery of this archipelago, long closed to the rest of the world, while pure honey is to talk about the rising sun in the sea fog » – explains the French designer.

The collection unites Japan and the Western world even more, using Japanese prints that were born in an era of peace and prosperity under the Tokugawa shogunate, and with the advent of the urban bourgeoisie, they describe the pleasures of everyday life.

According to the fashion designer, “The summer of 2019 will be theatrical, like the pantomime of twists and turns.” In the world of high fashion, theatre will always find its place. After all, Haute Couture is a world where everyone gets an opportunity to create anything their heart desires.