Pride Month
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Pride Month: Kering reaffirms its commitments to LGBTQIA+ and inclusivity

Pride Month is around the corner and Kering is celebrating. The luxury giant has announced it reaffirmed its commitment to create and maintain an equal and inclusive environment for all of its employees around the world. The Group is committed to provide active support to its internal LGBTQIA+ and allied community named ALL.

“We are extremely proud to celebrate and support Pride Month. At Kering, we believe that diversity and equality are key pillars of a sustainable and creative company. We have a continued commitment to foster and maintain a supportive and inclusive work environment for all our employees around the world, including our LGBTQIA+ community, said Béatrice Lazat, Chief People Officer at Kering.

Kering reaffirms its commitments to:

  • Promote LGBTQIA+ diversity and inclusivity within the Group
  • Create an inclusive environment where every LGBTQIA+ individual is valued
  • Guarantee equal treatment and equitable benefits for LGBTQIA+
  • Create an inclusive community and develop a sense of pride of belonging to the Group. As part of its 2025 Sustainability Strategy, Kering is promoting diversity through a series of practical commitments:
    • Kering became a signatory to the UN Standards of Conduct for Business, which fights discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.
    • Kering and key leaders across the fashion industry joined together to sign the ‘Open to All’ pledge.
    • Kering’s Group-wide baby family leave policy extends benefits to all new parents and their partners,including every family type, regardless of gender.
    • Kering signed the ‘Friends of the Court’ amicus brief that called for the federal protection of the LGBTQ civil rights.
    • ALL has been established a year ago as an inclusive internal group for the LGBTQIA+ community at Kering. It looks to connect and educate by raising awareness internally and externally. It has more than 700 ambassadors based in countries around the world including USA, Qatar, Brazil, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Australia. Kering and ALL commitments have also been realised through initiatives such as Balenciaga’s “Love Is for Everyone” campaign and Gucci’s Chime for Change.