Longchamp LGP

Longchamp LGP – an Urban Story

Longchamp has introduced its new LGP monogram design in February with the first collection expected to hit the stores this May. According to Longchamp, the « graphic composition maybe nods to the Bauhaus, but the eye-popping effect is pure Andy Warhol ». Longchamp LGP highlights today’s urban lifestyle. It features bags, accessories, prêt-à-porter with unisex options to fit the men too. 

For bags, there are two complementary lines: Le Pliage® LGP and Le Pliage® Cuir LGP. Both lines are available in black and white with a flash of neon or black and red with a flash of white. Le Pliage® Cuir LGP offers a third colour scheme, created especially for Asia. It is a chic powder pink accented with black and white. Additionally, the collection includes luggage, such as ultra-light wheeled cabin cases.

Longchamp LGP will launch in early May 2019 featuring the brand’s spokesmodel Kendall Jenner.