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Michael Kors makes a $35 million product donation to Delivering Good

Michael Kors announced that it has made a $35 million product donation to the New York-based non-profit organisation Delivering Good. The donation will go to the individuals impacted by poverty and disasters through the organisation’s network of more than 700 community partners across the country. 

“I’ve always believed that long-lasting change needs to happen at both the local and national level,” said Michael Kors, CCO. “With Delivering Good, we’re able to donate our product and know that it will be provided to the local communities and organisations throughout the country that need it most. If we have learned anything during these trying times, it’s that when you are able to help, you should.” 

Michael Kors product will be donated and distributed to non-profits within Delivering Good’s network of local agencies serving hard-hit markets throughout the U.S. including New York City, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Los Angeles, Texas and Orlando.