Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer'20 | Getty
Photo: Agencies

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer’20: Une Belle Époque

Continuing the idea of ​​gender fluidity, Nicolas Ghesquière began this season’s show with a performance of Sophie. The transgender singer appeared across the entire width of the temporary Louis Vuitton tent at the Louvre’s Cour Carrée.

The collection looks largely to the late 60s and Art Nouveau design using psychedelic patterns with a retro . Ghesquière said he was inspired by the Belle Époque – a time in which Louis Vuitton began to gain worldwide popularity. In addition, designer drew inspiration from the Vuitton family home – in itself, a prime example of the Art Nouveau style.

Overall, rectangular VHS cassette bags, puff sleeves, psychedelic curls in a green jacquard coat, colourful flowers on dresses and a stunning little leather jacket with hand-painted angel faces … Does this collection talk about the future? Maybe. Does Ghesquière know where to take Louis Vuitton? Absolutely!