Chopard Nature collection
Image: Chopard

Nature at the centre of Chopard Red Carpet collection

Caroline Scheufele has chosen nature as the main theme for the 2020 Red Carpet Collection. Previewed here, the creations in the collection provide a foretaste of the 73 models that will be revealed at the Palais des Festivals. One is a structured necklace in Fairmined gold and diamonds. The shape enhances the regal aura of an eagle with outstretched wings. The other-a clover-themed jewellery set inspired by natural enchantment.

The Red Carpet Collection: a feat reiterated each year

Since the 60th anniversary of the Cannes International Film Festival, Chopard’s Haute Joaillerie workshops have annually composed a collection. Caroline Scheufele – Co-President and Artistic Director of the Maison – set this challenge to her artisans. They represent the combined know-how of more than 30 different crafts.

Today, the Chopard ateliers, located in Geneva, are the largest Haute Joaillerie workshops in Switzerland: sculptor-jewellers, lapidaries, gem-setters and polishers. From simple lines to generous volumes, from working on gold to precious stones; these talented craftspeople push back the limits of the possible. By combining their talents, they give life to the jewels in this prestigious collection.

The celebration of an entrancing natural environment

For this new edition of the Cannes event, Caroline Scheufele will unveil a range of 73 treasures. She celebrates the environment, along with its flora and fauna, by choosing ‘Nature’ as the main theme.

Hence ahead of the Festival, Chopard is revealing the first two creations inspired by Nature. The first is an eagle whose diamond-set golden wings unfurl into a necklace. Fancy brown yellow pear-shaped diamond sits firmly in the powerful bird of prey’s talons. This necklace is crafted in Fairmined certified ethical gold. While all its diamonds are sourced from suppliers that are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Furthermore, with regard to the second creation, Caroline Scheufele has designed a set consisting of a four-leaf clover necklace and earrings sparkling with tsavorites and pink sapphires.