Schiaparelli SS19 Stars

Stars and Heavens of Schiaparelli

Flowers for spring? Not quiet. Bertrand Guyon takes a different approach this season, deriving his inspiration from the early days of Elsa Schiaparelli and her fascination with stars. When Elsa was a little girl, her uncle – Giovanni – noticed something while working at his observatory. He said that the freckles on her cheek resembled the Ursula Major constellation.

Consequently, Elsa Schiaparelli would later illuminate her salons at Place Vendôme with stars and floral compositions.  She would later say, « To have a face covered in flowers, like a heavenly garden, would indeed be a wonderful thing. » 

Elsa’s early childhood days and her love for juxtaposition of nature and cosmos are the core of Bertrand Guyon’s story this season. The ultra feminine suits are accentuated with embroideries of scattered porcelain buds, mother-of-pearl and gold, floral lace. Jackets are jet black, with a multitude of astrological silhouettes, zodiacs and comets. Leaving the dresses dramatic through the use of feathers, capes, rose garden prints and sequins.

In the end, this cosmic floral dance culminated with pregnant Erin O’Connor closing the show. She wore a stunning tiered gown of orange and pink tulle, spelling yet another triumph for Bertrand; who, yet again, displayed his unique ability to continue Elsa’s legacy.