Zuhair Murad HC SS19

Zuhair Murad: Aquatic Serenade Couture SS19

Sea, sea, all to the sea! This season, Zuhair Murad invites us to plunge into the fabulous waters where beautiful mermaids and magical creatures are in a state of endless euphoria. The collection progresses from smooth and sleek forms that can be called sensual; to more expressive numbers that guarantee turning heads.

A black strapless bustier dress is complemented by shining ruffles in tone, made of silk chiffon or lurex, like a wave enveloping the body of the one who lives in it. Mother of pearl, created to shine in both literal and symbolic terms, manifests itself in the form of beadwork and radiant embroidery.

With all the versatility of this collection, Zuhair Murad adheres to the subject without breaking his pre-established rules. He also avoids presenting the whole story in the literal sense. Yes, this is classic Murad, whose woman will sparkle like a star; however, it is also the Murad whose woman has a considerable degree of secrecy. In general, this season once again shows the incredible sensitivity of the couturier. He perfectly understands his regular customers and is able to attract the attention of the new ones.