Aubazine Chanel

CHANEL Haute Couture Spring/Summer’20: Aubazine Story

Taking the roots from Gabrielle Chanel’s childhood years spent at the convent of Aubazine, Virginie Viard presented the latest Haute Couture collection at an unkempt garden surrounded by white sheets. The house’s creative director took us on a trip to the time of Gabrielle’s strict upbringing surrounded by the nuns in uniforms, whom she often referred to as ‘aunts’.

The collection is soaked in rigidity and order while still managing to carry a touch of care and femininity. The skirts are voluminous, yet strictly accentuate the waist and are held by a big belt with a jewel-like buckle. The tweed carries the elements of the Aubazine unique floors; while the colours don’t deviate from black, grey, crème, white and, occasionally, a touch of pastels. 

Models lined up like well-behaved girls, as if there were nuns hiding behind the white sheets. Many looks resembled uniforms, featuring old-fashioned black shoes with white ankle socks. In fact, the whole show felt incredibly balanced between strict and soft. It definitely delivered a new look at Gabrielle’s childhood that we have not seen until now.