Work from home collections
© Christian Dior

Coronavirus: Dior continues work on collections from home

Even though Dior atelier at 30 avenue Montaigne has been closed since March 17, the work continues. While some of us are teleworking, others have turned to, what Maison Dior calls, “telecouture”! The “petites mains”, as Dior’s renowned seamstresses are known, continue to ply their craft to ensure production of the upcoming collections.

Dior artisans, like the rest of France, have been subject to quarantine restrictions; however, they continue to craft the pieces of the Maison’s collections from home. Indeed, it is not always easy to stitch a Bar suit in the kitchen… And yet the excellence of Dior is as evident. Even outside the celebrated workshops, the Maison’s artisans execute their work with the same quality.

From those working on new haute couture creations in their homes to the artisans in Redon joining the nationwide battle against Covid-19 by making masks, Dior has shown resilience and solidarity.