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Coronavirus: XUAN Paris contributes to the fight against pandemic

It is wonderful to see brands of all sizes lend a helping hand for the common goal. Today’s example is XUAN Paris, who has been producing non-surgical masks and protection gowns in a collective effort to fight COVID-19. The Parisian Couture brand, created by Xuan-Thu Nguyen and a guest member on the official Haute Couture calendar since 2016, has already produced 400 essential masks made out of fabrics for non-nursing professionals meeting AFNOR standards.

© XUAN Paris

The Couture label has been working closely with Pantin Family – the association who manages distribution via its network of volunteers, within the Cité Fertile area. The masks have already been delivered to traders, janitors, drivers in public transport, cleaning staff, social workers, guards, municipal police, hotel staff, delivery men, kindergarten and school staff.

In addition, XUAN Paris has produced 80 medical protection gowns for the medico-social association Gaïa, that works in the sphere of care for those with drug addiction and reduction of health-related risks.

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