Seabubbles (2eme version) essai sur le lac leman à Genève

Fly Over Water? With SeaBubbles You Can

Paris may soon have “zero emission, zero wave, zero noise” electric boats that will fly over La Seine. SeaBubbles promise to provide faster commute across the City of Lights.

While many of us worry about bike lanes and cars, Alain Thébault may have a better idea. Since he unveiled SeaBubbles to the world a couple of years back, m. Thébault has been working tirelessly to bring his invention to the banks of La Seine. The latest win for the founder was in November when he obtained an agreement for tests with a speed limit of 30 km/h. The second round of tests has commenced last Thursday in hopes to bring the shuttles to public use in the near future.

Seabubbles Geneva
Tests have been done on Lake Geneva as well (Photo | SeaBubbes)

So how do these little boats hover over water? SeaBubbles feature electric motors and glide noiselessly on the water due to the foils-profiled wings. As the vessel levitates, the friction with water reduces drastically, allowing for a greater speed and a more comfortable ride.

SeaBubbles Dock_Paris_Day
Docks will feature underwater turbines to collect the energy from the current (Photo | SeaBubbes)

The company hopes to build docking stations along the river. These stations will feature underwater turbines which will gather energy from the river’s current, therefore providing SeaBubbles with charging spots along the routes. SeaBubbles will be bookable via a mobile app for a cost not more than €10.

This is yet another way for Paris to diversify its public transportation system. With its Grand Paris Express underway – Europe’s largest and most ambitious rapid transit project, Paris is set to lead by example in urban conversion for XXI century living.