Green Paris
Photo courtesy: Gustafson Porter + Bowman

Green Is the Colour of Paris

With the ever-rising temperatures, warming oceans and shrinking ice sheets, capital cities around the globe aspire and work on changing their lifestyles to fight for the environment. In an effort to make Paris greener, the city’s government continues to re-imagine the existing plazas by adding more green spaces.

After a successful conversion of the highway into a park on the right bank of the Seine, the city’s government began to re-imagine the seven iconic Plazas: Place de la Bastille, Place du Panthéon, Place de la Madeleine, Place des Fêtes, Place Gambetta, Place d’Italie and Place de la Nation. As a result, this project aims to increase green spaces as well as reduce the traffic surrounding each plaza. 

Additionally, the city has announced a new park at the Eiffel Tower, which will transform over 100 acres into what will become the city’s largest public green space. The British firm Gustafson Porter+Bowman won the competition and should complete the park by 2024, just in time for the Paris Olympics. More photos of the park here. 

Looking at Paris, one can see that it is possible to make our cities greener. Indeed, it isn’t enough and the work does not stop here. However, it is definitely a step in the right direction.