urban forests
Image credits Ville de Paris/Apur/Luxigon

Urban Forests: the Takeover

Following last month’s announcement of the new redevelopment around the Eiffel Tower, the mayor of Paris, Madame Anne Hidalgo, has given an interview to Le Parisien where she announced the addition of urban forests to the four iconic sites in the City of Light. 

The city plans to create urban forests at the parvis of the Hôtel de Ville, the plaza of Henri-Frenay on the northern side of Gare de Lyon, the square behind the Opéra Garnier and further removal of pavements along the right bank of the Seine. It’s worth noting that Paris has already created nearly 40 hectares of green space, and the dynamic continues with these developments. 

Refreshment for the city.

At the Hôtel de Ville the trees will be planted on both sides the parvis. Madame Hidalgo reassured that the perspective and the space for public events would be respected. She also added that the top level of the underground parking may be removed to provide enough space for soil for the trees. 

Behind the Opéra Garnier the trees will be planted directly on the ground while respecting the surrounding architecture and perspective. 

As for the plaza of Henri-Frenay by Gare de Lyon, an urban forest will be planted to provide some refreshment of the surrounding areas. 

Finally, following its pedestrianisation in 2016, the right bank of the Seine will get an additional make-over with further removal of the pavement, leaving just the necessary lane for emergency vehicles. 

In addition to these four sites, the city will create 28 oases at school courts before September 2019. 

With an unfolding climate crisis, the city of Paris is in full swing to adapt to the changes in an effort to minimise its impact. For the full interview in French with Madame Hidalgo, click here