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Who are the LVMH Innovation Award finalists?

It was back in 2017 when the LVMH group created the LVMH Innovation Award as part of Viva Technology. The challenge was to recognise the most innovative startup in the field of the customer experience.

Each year, 30 startups are chosen as finalists and invited to be part of the LVMH Lab during the Viva Technology Show in Paris. The show brings together the game changers who drive the digital transformation around the world. At the end of this year’s LVMH Innovation Award, the winner will receive a one-year personalised support and a place in la Maison des Startups LVMH.

LVMH Innovation Award top 30 finalists:

Addlane is a visual workflow that connects the global supply chain: brand, producers, manufacturers and suppliers, allowing instant photo & file markup without downloading.

Alpha AR scraps product images on a brand’s website and creates 3D models of products in just  a few seconds, for the brand to re-upload them back to the online store.

AnyRoad is an analytics, insight and reports platform 100% dedicated to live experiences.

Byond creates digital stores and showrooms for brands to display and sell their products in store-like environment.

Crobox analyses customer behaviour to let brands know what their customers love about their products. With dynamic product messaging, it personalises the shoppers’ experience by pushing the attributes that will drive purchases.

Desserto is a plant-based vegan-leather made from cactus, grown and produced in Mexico.

EasyWay is a centralised dashboard for hotels to communicate with their guests on any messaging applications, in any language, whether the guest is at the hotel or not.

Ecentime is an app and a shopping guide for the Sino-French community, that connects Chinese people in Europe with local European brands.

Eva Engines developed two AIs, one that searches for new models on Instagram, and a second one that generates avatars to use on product pages and campaigns.

FACIL’iti is a plugin that works over any website or application, and adapts the screen to the user’s needs without modifying the original website.

Fairbrics produces polyester yarns that contain 20% less petrochemicals than those produced using traditional methods. At term, their aim is to produce 100% biosourced polyester.

Go Instore connects online shoppers with product-matched in-store experts using an immersive HD live video platform.

Knotch is a content intelligence platform that measures & optimises content marketing ROI across  paid & owned media.

Livescale is a live video web app with integrated chat and interactivity for brands to broadcast online sales, using influencers or sales teams.

With the motto waste is the new luxury, Matter upcycles the agricultural production waste of wine and champagnes (vine shoots, leaves and skins) into new products.

Navee tracks down unwanted visual content on marketplaces, checking metadata and using reverse-image analysis for verification.

OneStock is a stock unification system, that eradicates stock-out by making products available on all sale channels.

Personify XP identifies behavioural patterns which correspond to a visitor’s particular shopping goals. Then it automatically inserts content on the page to personalise their experience.

Pixlee enables brands to curate, optimise and showcase real customer and top influencer content across any touchpoint.

PlasticFri uses renewable resources to develop 100% biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic plastics  that are compliant with the European standards.

Queen of Raw is a marketplace for fashion brands to trade unused fabrics from previous collections. It also offers inventory management, as well as search & match tools to predict supply and demand.

Scortex connects to cameras in manufacturing plants and communicates with machines to control production and detect quality issues.

ShareGroop is a solution for group payments that easily enables split payment, digital gift cards  and group bookings on any E-Commerce website. It is directly positioned in the web-buyer’s purchasing process.

Simporter predicts demand for new products before they enter the market, by cross-analysing social media, historical sales, customer reviews, and search traffic.

Skello digitises retail staff planning & management with an intuitive tool dedicated to managers: easily create plannings, communicate with teams, automate payroll and pilot performance.

Tapbuy replaces the existing mobile checkout with plug-and-play, 100% customisable pages for log-in/ registration, shipping and payment.

The Archivist builds branded e-commerce environments for brands to sell or rent pre-owned, archive, and vintage pieces on their own channels.

TrusTrace collects, validates and analyses supply-chain data for every product.

Tryon is a Saas specialised in AR for jewellery E-Commerce, providing real-time rendering of diamonds, precious stones, and fine metals in 3D.

Zyper identifies a brand’s top 1% fanbase to launch a community where they will engage through chats, challenges, and exclusive experiences or rewards.