Suzanne Syz

Suzanne Syz Brings Her Jewellery Art to Paris

Born in Zurich and educated in Paris, jewellery designer Suzanne Syz moved to New York in the 1980s, where she met legendary artists like Andy Warhol, Julian Schnabel, Francesco Clemente and Jeff Koons. These creative people have strongly influenced her collections of modern art and unique jewellery.

In Paris, Suzanne presented her creations such as rings in the form of tires “All Tired Up”, made from different types of gold and titanium, decorated with diamonds. In addition, there were earrings from the “We are your art” collection and those in the shape of rockets.

In short, her bold and unconventional compositions again breathe individuality into her works. Suzanne Syz continues to go beyond the framework adopted in the jewellery world, which undeniably works in her favour.